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Farm Aavjo Process - Part II

Hi, welcome back to Farm Aavjo process.

In Part I, I mentioned watching youtube videos about gardening, here’s the update-

I cleaned my fruit garden with Seema Didi’s help and planted 5 more additional trees. Now the fruit garden has 12 kinds of fruits and I’m excited to see them grow (and mostly about eating them!)

The land which was available for farming went through a plowing process and Hemraj Bhaiya shared ideas about what can be done on it. Together we decided to plant bottle gourd (Lauki), tomatoes, watermelons, spinach, peas, coriander, ghavarphali, ridged gourd (Toru), and muskmelon. I will tell you more about when these vegetables are harvested in Part III of the process. (It takes 25-30 days for these vegetables to harvest)

About the main building, finishing work started in the second week of February, it took 2 months to get three phase electricity connection! I will suggest you take care of the time frame if ever you plan to apply for a hotel electricity connection. I'm reading The climate change by Mridula Ramesh and she has shared actions that can be thought about and worked on to make climate conditions better. I am thinking about how I can reuse water at the farm. Some ideas brewing in my head include low-cost rainwater harvesting systems, sewage treatment plants, and focusing on management.

The good news is that I’ve found the person who’d plan and work on the pool with me on the farm. His name is Randhir and I am enjoying every step of our process (pool design, deck area, making a budget, planning civil work, and checking on each other's progress)

This is Randhir Ji's first independent pool project and so much is at stake for both of us.

That’s a good thing.

Regarding the gender-neutral washroom near reception, we faced some issues.

The main entrance to the space turned out to be smaller than expected and the symmetry was missing. My laborer forgot to add ventilation to the bathroom and I am laughing + crying about it?! We are now fixing these concerns. AH, LOVE FIXING THINGS (not people)

Next up at Farm Aavjo is the marketing process. I have taken 8 interviews so far, my friend/marketing supervisor Tanya helped me put some questions for the interview and I added a demonstrative activity kind of thing too! It worked for us and we are almost done with the selection process. I will introduce you to my interns soon, this is so exciting!

The last Sunday I went on another trek with my new friends here, we did a lot of rock climbing and descending. Aravalli hills have a lot of adventure to offer. See you soon.

I visited my uncle’s hotel in Ajmer to understand how a commercial kitchen is different from a home kitchen and its functions. I have gained clarity over different types of equipment that need to be installed at Farm Aavjo’s kitchen and things are looking simple from here. One day at a time now.

I’m excited to develop and learn about different plantations that Hemraj bhaiya and I will be doing at the farm next month. We have already started shortlisting plants, trees, lawns, and climbers!

Thanks for reading.



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