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Farm Aavjo Process - Part I

I wanted to shift to Pushkar in January 2022 and take care of the farm work.

It did not happen.

I began working on my masters applications. I was not well in February and it took me a lot of courage to feel better. In fact, I thought I did not have it in me. But that's a lie depression often commits. I resumed work in April and got selected for a training program to be held in September under NIMHANS in Bangalore. It made me feel good about myself. I think it helped me recover too.

I came back home mid October, celebrated Diwali with family. It was loving. In November, I finally shifted to Pushkar and my mother came along for a month. I started with documenting Farm Aavjo’s process on a social media platform. Next, I met with people. Such as architects, marketers, surveyors, constructors, wholesale dealers and got myself involved with the accounts at the farm. I’d say it was bold of me.

My cottage at the farm

During this process I learnt how limited my market knowledge was, and how I needed to upskill it. I decided to visit Delhi wholesale markets and started out by doing research to find out what things I was looking for on the farm. Next, I talked to my friends, family member and strangers to note names of markets and areas in Delhi worth exploring. Then, I made a list and planned a week long itinerary to cover as many markets as possible. I started with furniture factories in Jodhpur and moved to Delhi from there. It was exhausting, confusing and very overwhelming. But I did not stop, one of the trick is to let yourself be.

I did not want to buy anything yet so I kept collecting business cards of people and shops that intrigued me. And by the end of my trip, I could sense a feeling of confidence within me. In terms of markets, wholesale prices, bargaining and quality, I knew things.

I came back to the farm by mid December.

Clicked with iphone 12 mini

It’s not all work at the farm, I visit my parents and sister whenever it’s possible. For instance, I went home for Diwali, my parents wedding anniversary, and new years. My friends visit me too, so far three of them have come. It’s full of love and lessons to be in the process.

It’s another month now, another year as well. I’m looking forward to getting closer to the farm, rooted really. I have decided to start with gardening! Currently watching YouTube video number 7…

Thanks for reading, until I talk about part II of the process, you can read more views here.



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