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Slow Living At My Farm

Not everything we do has a point. Not everything is supposed to have one. But intentionally living slowly has a point.

What may look like just a gooseberry...
Could actually be Vitamin D

First of all, I’m not an expert, you might as well comment “Shut up” but the beauty of living a slow life is that I would not give a f*** about that comment. 

Secondly, I will be sharing tips and tricks of living a slower life with you in this blog. 

It’s important to note that living a slow life may not be suitable for everyone, but I chose this life. I find it uniquely rewarding that aligns with my values, preferences, and style of living! 

If you're wondering, what can be the downside of slow life, pfftt. I will tell you if you promise to not run away. Comment to make a promise.

Slow farm walk with the kids

Now, google defines slow living as -  “a lifestyle that encourages a slower approach to aspects of everyday life, involving completing tasks at a leisurely pace”, but actually, it’s all about living life to learn about yourself. According to many ancient gurus, you’ve probably lived 1000 lives to have finally become a human in this one, and you still want to slog? Now that’s daring. In an awful way. 

You see, living a slow life is not being best friends with a sloth. No offense to sloths but they are damn slow. The good part is they’re trying – and slow life is also about trying… we do want to be friends with sloths. What I mean to say here is - there are many perceptions and you may choose to see one way, two ways, or multiple. 

A slow-living lifestyle can help you in multiple ways.  

Ready or not, here it goes.

  • Live simple. Now, what is simple? There is no one right answer. For me, it’s the philosophy of living with awareness. Update your brain by reading and engaging with things that are innovative, sustainable, and conscious, and try to adapt to them. It’s time for the old ways to die. 

  • Go outside to go inside. Take a walk to explore your inner world. Breathe in to exhale worry. Don’t be scared to be alone, with nature around - you are never lonely. I have my cat cookie too.

  • Get your hands dirty. Go farming! It’s not that tough, you don’t have to own a farm like me. You can start at home, I along with my team can help. Join the slow movement. 

  • Have a routine. You don’t have to stick to it every day but have one. You must know what you’re doing with your life, which starts with what you’re doing with your day. Confusion is not cool. Clarity is. I'm not a morning person, but I'm a to-do-list person all the time.

  • Little things. Enjoy them. Smell your wine. Read a book. Dance in your pajamas. Savor your food. I sit at the Ghats and witness evening Aarti in Pushkar which is a 10 minute drive from farm when I want to go extra slow.

  • Be careful with technology. Save yourself. I like to have technology-free zones at the farm so I can save some of myself at least. 

Watching the rain, slowly

  • Build focus so you can engage fully in activities you dislike. If you can’t enjoy it, you can surely engage in it. I don't like cooking but when I'm feeling focused, I cook yummy meals, you can ask Maa!

  • Build your already strong relationships stronger. We are all going to die eventually, so we might as well spend some great time with people we love and care about so much. Take time out for them. You will always be busy otherwise. (I struggle with it, and I'm not giving up)

  • Always learn. Something new. I’m learning to write 1000-word blogs that are SEO-optimized and valuable for readers, how am I doing?

  • Embrace boredom. It will help the mind wander and that has a high chance of bursting creative bubbles and getting the juices to flow. So it’s okay if this blog is boring you. 

  • Be Humble. It’s not prime to practicing slow living, but I hate arrogant, rude people. And I want to like you, so be humble indeed. 

  • Do you like your life? If you don’t - what are you doing about it? 

Adjust some of these tips in your life, nevertheless don’t trick yourself because you are watching, listening, and being there for yourself. 

Rising high, slowly

Finally, the world we live in can use a pause button sometimes.  

I’m here to live a slower life, and you can join me



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