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Farm Aavjo Process - Part VII

Shubh Diwali! I hope your Diwali was filled with love.

Farm Aavjo was officially inaugurated on 23rd October 2023.

It was an intimate affair for about 50 people, all close family and relatives from my mother and father’s side. I know perfect does not exist, but the right amount of order and mess does resemble it.

Farm Aavjo, View from the terrace

My father has a habit of collecting antiques from all around --- furniture, paintings, marble statues, vases etc. My sister and I have only wondered what will he do with it and now we see it. All in one place - Farm Aavjo.

It looks so beautiful and surreal. My father has personally placed these antiques around the villa building, the lounge, bar area, the pool, and the garden. Visit us so you can witness this raw arrangement - not done by any professional designer but by a regular passionate man who also happens to be a police officer, and I’m the proud daughter.

w. Tanya, Farm's best friend.

My mother shifted with me 12 days before the launch and each day post that has been tiresome but wholesome. 10 am to 5 pm was dedicated to managing labor and day-to-day tasks – cleaning, arranging, unpacking, and making a lot of lists. Post 5 pm was about visiting Ajmer markets to buy materials needed to continue those tasks. I have gained so much driving confidence, I don't know what to do with it. Drive it out?

Now that we are done with the pooja and hawan, Farm feels more hopeful than ever.

I was never the religious kind, or so I thought till last year - not so much now.

I believe. In all of it. And even more.

My sister made me two playlists for the reception music and I love listening to it while being at the reception - guests love it too! I have hosted 4 bookings so far, including individuals as well as groups, it's been so exciting and serene, like a dream -- the dream I have been working on since a year. I also realized that I had forgotten how much I like to be around people. Great thing to remember.

w. Riddhi, a blessing.

Thank you for all the love, excitement, and support. It has helped me on days when everything felt impossible. I cannot rightly express how much I love you – my little family of strangers on the internet who are not so strange to me after all. I love you and thank you.

You can directly reach out to me to learn more about the Farm Aavjo project, perhaps we could work together in some ways.

Ending the series with a toast -- To dreaming, believing and becoming.

Farm Aavjo Saa.



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