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Farm Aavjo Process - Part V

I was thinking about the time when this process will be over…what am I going to do with myself? My very dear friend says, “Something else will come up by then, don’t worry about it.” Now how do I not worry about it?

Either way, the process must go on…

Doors handle and the hustle, is it possible for things to happen smoothly at a construction site? I did not know how important one’s involvement really is until I got involved….rest is history. We’re at the final stage of selecting door handles for the reception, and in the next week carpenters team will be gone for good.

The farm is now lit. We’ve used energy-efficient ceiling lights for all of the villas and they look quite nice at night. We had to change the painter's team due to negotiation issues, the new group of painters has arrived at the site and will be staying here till all the paintwork is over. Furniture is safe and sound in the rooms, waiting to be unpacked and set. Curtains for all five rooms are also here, Divya and I handpicked the fabric from Delhi market after days and hours of exploring. I’m looking forward to setting up the rooms in the next 10 days.

Farm Aavjo’s social media team answered some questions about their work and life, fun times. Updates about the pool are that we need to repair some leakages, we have decided to work on it on 10th June. I know it's not good news but it’s the truth and that must be told.

The kitchen at the farm now has a budget list for installments and operations, we’ll soon get our requirements built and installed. I will be actively working on the kitchen building in July.

Reception door and Mehrab in making

Guided tours have been fun but for the next two months, there will be no bookings available for the same. We’ll begin taking advance bookings in August to run the season from October 2023.

Thank you for all the love, excitement, and encouragement.

Farm Aavjo Saa. For booking enquiries, you must mail us at or call us: +91 89553-36362



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