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Farm Aavjo Process - Part IV

I’ve been waiting to write part IV, but it seems when you wait, you keep waiting. Or maybe you feel the wait… more than ever.

Hey reader, welcome back to Farm Aavjo Process!

The Villa building has been going through finishing work for 3 weeks now, on and off. We are done with most of the stonework, and now the most exciting part - woodwork!

Doors and windows are important. Very important.

I’ve been researching a lot of materials that can be used to design a door or a window such as flush doors, UPVC, MDF doors, plywood, teak wood (saagwan), and mica. We finally have something coming together at Farm Aavjo.

Here is a picture from the time when we were taking measurements for the reception door.

The pool at the farm now has four walls around it. We have poured water inside it to keep the cement wall healthy and strong, in another month the pool will be ready along with the deck area which will include the lounger space.

The good news is that Farm has an Architect now! Finally. I was actively looking to hire but there was no luck until I met Rashmi.

By the way, Rashmi has a cat too! Her name is Bittu. Rashmi, I hope you don’t mind me turning pages of your book. Hehe. For starters, Rashmi and I are working on the landscape at the farm along with the pool changing room, and gender-neutral washroom.

Biscuit aka Bisku is loving the farm life, he runs out of the room the moment he sees the door open and makes me run behind him. I’ve come to believe mothering is constant paranoia...why are people having kids again?

Bisku loves sleeping which is no news to me or anyone who has a cat, looking at him I want to sleep all the time, or at least lazy around in my bed. No, I don’t already do that, it's Bisku's influence!

The kitchen at Farm Aavjo is waiting to be installed with types of equipment and my dear friend Rohan has suggested I don’t rush it as the “kitchen is everything”. I’m taking my sweet time to design it with the help of another kitchen team for better functionality and staff comfort.

Mangoes at Farm Aavjo are in the process of becoming Keri mangoes and it’s really exciting because I’m going to ask Mumma to make achaar for me!!! You must visit to taste it.

The main gate work is done! So is the garden!

That rhymed, hoon mein poet.

We’ll soon start ramp work along with FARM AAVJO welcome board!

Thank you for reading, there’s a lot of work to do and I’m excited to host you here soon.

Farm Aavjo Saa.



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