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Farm Aavjo Process - Part III

Interesting turn of events here at the farm. We wanted to begin the main gate work and it is finally happening. That brought some restrictions to our pool civil work since vehicles could not carry material inside the farm for a few days.

The Villa building is now going through final polishing work beginning with pillar stonework, next would be doors, windows, paint, and light fittings.

As for the kitchen, the flooring and tile work are done. Now we will work on the interiors.

March month has witnessed a labor shortage due to occupied labor, harvesting time, etc.

Mother and sister at the farm

The Garden at the farm is going through a revamping process, we have now decided to tackle rat problems by removing the grass, leveling the land, and adding fertilizers to the manure so rats do not make home again. I was reminded of Ino and Sai since they would have killed any rat that would appear on the land, but they would also attack the ducks….

The pool at the farm has gone through a double PCC (plain cement concrete) process due to some level of dissatisfaction but the good thing is strength is guaranteed now. The next step is RCC (reinforced cement concrete). I wish to swim in the pool for my birthday next month.

The vegetables that Hemraj Bhaiya and I grew at the farm will soon be harvested, packed, and sold in the market. I am excited to learn how much profit we will make through this. Will update you in part 4.

Farm Aavjo now has a marketing team and we are excited to make an impact in the coming months. This is also a great opportunity for Heal to lay the foundation of its vision and get stakeholders involved, actively.

At the farm, we wanted to work on plantations so I recently got some of the areas cleaned and leveled, and we have begun planting Indian Sandalwood. I’ll share pictures in the next part!

Btw, if you enjoy reading the Farm Aavjo process, you might like Healletter too! It is a brief letter that I send out every Wednesday and it includes updates about all kinds of work I do, you can read more about it and subscribe here.

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