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Farmखाना: What’s special about farm food?

We live in a bustling world. It’s fast-paced. It’s not easy. 

There’s pre-packed frozen food in our refrigerators. It’s unhealthy. But it is easy. 

Are we in a rat race? Is this a loop? 

A must watch movie about the race of life

Now, there’s something undeniably charming about food made fresh from farm produce. From the fields, straight to your plate. In this blog, we will discuss why farm food is worth it and more so, why a farm stay should be your next weekend getaway. 

But what exactly is #farmfresh food? 

It’s not just a trendy hashtag, it's a way of life. It’s not just healthy or pure, it’s packed with a buttload of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and anti-oxidants which boosts immunity and reduces diseases. It has fewer chemicals or any genetically modifying agents that can slowly but immensely harm our health. Processed foods that you get in the market are full of artificial ingredients like preservatives, palm oils, unhealthy fats, etc, which not only affect your gut health as they are not rich in supplements like probiotics but also maximize your exposure to toxins which can be highly dangerous and can cause cancer or allergies. 

So next time when you go out for a grocery run, choose health over ease!

Buddha, a calm sight

Farm Fresh food also can contribute to the environment, sustainability, and the ecosystem. So you are not just doing yourself a favor, your Mother Earth is thankful too! 

Culturally and traditionally speaking, farm-fresh food has been a part of our society for a long time. From our grandmother’s mango pickle recipe to mangoes plucked from the backyard to offering it before deities, food has been a point of mutuality for all of us. It connects us to our loved ones, expressing gratitude, and seeking blessings. 

Our team came up with the top five reasons to seek farm fresh food and avoid mass-produced fruits and veggies available throughout the year: 

  1. Flavor that speaks of the land:

Unlike mass-produced, shipped-over-long-distances alternatives, farm-fresh produce is allowed to ripen naturally in the fields. This not only enhances its nutritional content but also contributes to a fuller, more robust taste. The soil's unique composition, climate, and care given by local farmers all influence the flavor profile, resulting in a culinary experience that speaks of the land itself.

  1. Nutritional Prowess:

Vegetables, fruits, and grains obtained directly from local farms are at their peak, delivering a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is often said that they are way tastier and less perishable which gives it an edge over these subpar produce. 

  1. Environmental friendliness:

Choosing farm-fresh food is an eco-conscious decision. (fewer pesticides, reduced soil erosion, decreased nitrate leaching into groundwater and surface water, and recycled animal wastes back into the farm!)

  1. It’s a connection:

Not just with food, but with local farmers who are growing them. 

  1. Seasonal Variety:

Do you know fruits and vegetables grow according to seasons?

With Farm Aavjo, you can discover the perfect months to savor your favorite fruits and vegetables. Don't settle for subpar produce that's past its prime. Instead, let Farm Aavjo guide you to the freshest and most delicious options available. 

Eating farm-fresh food is also one way to become conscious and mindful. How?

Along with making you physically healthy and nurturing the soul, it also makes you think about what you’re eating. You’ll know when you eat it. 

It’s also a way to lead a good life. How?

Imagine this, you’re hungry. You get out of your bed to go out in the garden and pluck some yummy and ripened apples. And then you eat them. There's no going for grocery runs or buying mass-produced apples. Now, wasn’t that fun? 

Cherish Farm-grown food and appreciate your body with Farm Aavjo. Join the movement where you can discover simple and actionable options to live a farm life away from the farm. And when you want the farm, just visit us in Pushkar!

You deserve it. Your loved ones deserve it. Happy eating!

You can book your farm-to-table experience now.

PS: Click on the rat picture to watch the best short movie about the real race of life.


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